It is always a busy time here at the Bulls Head, so please do look through the archives to see what has happened month by month since we acquired the Bulls Head back in November 2009

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50,000th Pie is served as Leeds being best is celebrated!!

As another famous Pie and Cask Ale week came to an end, regular customer Ronnie was the man in the right place at the right time as he pondered the Bulls Head menu and special ‘Pie week’ board. Little did he know Landlord Barry was on the prowl to find the 50,000th legendary Steak and Mobberley Wobbly Ale Pie eater.

As Ronnie approached the bar to place his order there was a tension in the air…….but as the words left his lips “a Steak and Ale Pie please” little did he know what lay ahead…..big cheers, £50 of Bulls Head gift vouchers, a photo and Barry at his table present his plate, after Andy and our team of chefs prepared the 50,000th Steak and Mobberley Wobbly Ale Pie since we have opened, to a famished Ronnie!! Thank you to all the 50,000 people that have enjoyed our pies over the years….you are part of a very special club and well done to Ronnie!!

Now on the Ale front….Yorkshire Ales were celebrated during cask Ale week…our owner Tim is a Yorkshire man and Barry treated our cask Ale loving customers to a few Ales to savour from the wrong side of the Pennines(according to some) not least, Leeds Best, from the Leeds Brewery. Naturally this caused a little commotion with a few of our customers including Al and Gol who are Birmingham and Blackburn fans respectively. They saw this as a time to remind our Leeds Utd supporting owner Tim that his team don’t reflect the beer!! ‘Best’ being the key word! They simply aren’t!! Who will have the last word though!!??

So another great week draws to a close with plenty of great Ales to enjoy….the Yorkshire Ales remain this week too…and the pies continue to be baked for the next 50,000 customers!

Bully in seventh heaven!

instagrampicGood Beer Guide picks us again!

For the seventh year running our Bulls Head pub here in Mobberley has been chosen by CAMRA to be in the Good Beer Guide 2016/17.

This means that since Tim and Mary opened the door of the new Bulls Head nearly seven years ago it has been chosen for the Good Beer Guide every year. What a great honour for Barry and the Team this is and especially for Tim too, who’s vision seven years ago was to support local Cheshire microbrewers and ensure that every pump was dedicated to local Cheshire brewers, no regionals, no nationals but sustainable support of local business in Cheshire.

A lot of people thought Tim was mad but it has paid off and Cheshire Brewing has never been better. Barry the Bulls Head landlord has only two occasions a year to venture out of Cheshire for his ale choice….the rule however is that they must still be craft micro-brewers……One occasion is Cask Ale week which kicks off on the 22nd September 2016 with our now legendary ‘Pie Week’ and the other is Barry’s famous Irish week in March.

We would all like to thank CAMRA for choosing the Bulls Head again and we would like to lift a glass of ale to our Cheshire Brewers and all our ale loving customers.

Seven glorious years serving ale from seven glorious pumps! See you at Cask Ale week if not before!


0d9b7101-editwebsizeCheshire Cat Pub and Bars, has been named as ‘Pub Group of the Year 2016/17’ by the prestigious Good Pub Guide. The award follows a string of successes for the company over the year including being chosen as the Best Drinks Act in the UK at the Publican Awards in London.

The Good Pub Guide is the number one selling guide book for pubs in the UK. This award is given from the guide to pub groups that are first rate in every way and run by people who really care about both their pubs and their customers. The 2017 Good Pub Guide will feature over 5,000 pubs demonstrating just how stiff the competition is.

Owner Tim Bird comments: “This is a true accolade and we are very, very proud indeed. This award will mean the world to our entire team and our customers, as it recognises our teams huge efforts in helping us run wonderfully individual pubs well. It also recognises our collective efforts in rescuing pubs that were previously closed down or lost causes. Our pubs and Inns now shine brightly for our many loyal customers to enjoy for many years to come”.

pub-group-of-the-year-2017The pub group was chosen by Fiona Stapeley, editor of the Good Pub Guide, and were marked on a range of criteria from the quality of service to product range, aesthetic design and the pub’s hospitality.

“The pubs have a great deal of individuality both in their décor, their choice of drinks, their food and their atmosphere,” says Fiona. “These pubs have consistently good feedback from all our readers. As I edit the book it becomes obvious which group of pubs really stand out head and shoulders above the others. Of course competition is stiff, but this year it was a straight-forward choice for me.”


Cheshire Cats Pubs & Bars is owned and operated by Tim Bird and Mary McLaughlin, who have a collection of award winning pubs across Cheshire, Staffordshire and Dorset. Earlier this year the group were voted the Best Drinks Act in the UK at the prestigious Publican Awards ceremony in London. Their Church Inn won the coveted award of ‘UK’s Best Pub’ this summer, as well as their Fitzherbert Arms in Staffordshire scooping Sawday’s ‘Best Newcomer’.

Rock Idols arrive by bike!



Mobberley is famous for the ‘Mobberley 8’ circuit from Easter to late summer…and sometimes in the winter too, adventurous people either work, ride on horseback but more frequently ride their bikes around the pubs of Mobberley (and a little further afield).

The Bulls Head is a popular stop off where generally the Mobberley 8’ers have a couple drinks…because the Roebuck Inn opposite is now a bistro…. And munch on our famous burger to give energy for the day ahead!

Each year we look out for great groups of Mobberley 8’ers who dress up and make an effort to have a great time while staying safe and behaving well. In past years the 101 Dalmatians and the Horse riders have caught the eye and been chosen by us as the best M8’ers of the year.

2016 is no different and when the Rock Idols…see pic….’rocked’ up at the Bully they were declared favourites to win this year’s Mobberley 8’ers of the year title. A lot of effort obviously went in to creating, Bowie, Kiss and Cougar to name but three…

So well done the Rock Idols!!! Can anyone beat them…..?

The Bully’s Steak and Mobberley Wobbly Ale Pie truly is a legend!!



Every day (except Sunday) our famous pies are baked in the oven in the tiny Bulls Head kitchen….lovely beef slow cooked in Mobberley Wobbly ale and then put in to the freshly made short crust pastry pies and baked in the oven.

Since we restored the Bulls Head back in 2010 our famous Pie has been on our menu and loved the world over…. literally…we have had guests helicopter from Cornwall, or fly in from New York and run marathons to get a seat at the Bully to eat our famous pie….eaten by locals, regulars, celebrities, sports people and pop stars alike….the legend lives on.

We have calculated through our till information over the last six years that our famous Steak and Mobberley Wobbly Ale Pie by ‘Pie Week’ in September 2016 will have been enjoyed 50,000 times!!!! Yes fifty thousand pies and we don’t sell them on a Sunday because of the need to cook the equally famous Roast Beef!

So ‘Pie Week’ this year from the 22nd September to the 2nd of October (traditionally tying in with Cask Ale week) takes on a whole new form of celebration…come and join us and raise a glass and a fork to our pie!!


Ted’s Tarts win Ted to Head!!!

quizwinnerAt the end of May teams from the Bulls Head and the Cholmondeley Arms went ‘Ted to Head’ in the grand final of Lord and Professors Ted’s great pub quiz.

Held at the The Three Greyhounds Inn, teams from the two pubs rubbed shoulders with regulars of the The Three Greyhounds Inn who also joined in.

The overall Champs on the night were the two year champs from the Bulls Head…..Ted’s Tarts! Well done ladies

They have already won a wine tasting at our Church Inn for the team as well our pub vouchers.

For winning the grand final there is a table for the team waiting for them to enjoy a supper on us. At a pub of their choice.

Thanks to Ted for all the great quizzes of the season and we look forward to welcoming him back at the end of September.

Mobberley Wobbly Ale donation

IMG_6718On the eve of our 6th anniversary at the Bulls Head, landlord Barry took time out to present Reverend Ian Blay from St. Wilfrid’s church here in Mobberley with a Cheque for £1400!!

This equates to 14,000 pints of Mobberley Wobbly!

Since we opened our doors we have always said that Mobberley Wobbly Ale had a few special ingredients which might cause a little friskiness and for this we would donate 10p a pint to the local village Church as a form of ‘penance’.

So each year our ‘man of the froth’ Rev. Ian Blay walks down the hill to pick up the donation. This year marks a two year time period since our previous donation. Pictured are Ian with Mobberley Wobbly in hand and landlord Barry in his summer outfit presenting the Cheque!!

Second year running for Ted’s Tarts Champs!!!

qcYes on Wednesday 27th teams gathered for the grand final of Lord Ted’s rather good quiz which runs every month from September to April here at the Bully. Last years champions Ted’s Tarts (pictured with Ted) managed to make it two years running! Winning by one point and scooping the cup, bundles of Bulls Head vouchers and a complimentary wine tasting, run by owner Tim at sister pub the Church Inn!

In second place were ‘the not so good guessers’, third were the ‘Canute Devils’ fourth were ‘Ray’s night out’.

The final quiz night of the season is the ‘Ted to Head’ with the Bulls Head champs taking on the Cholmondeley Arms champs with lots of teams joining in. All the teams are very welcome.

This will take place at the The Three Greyhounds Inn in Allostock on Wednesday 25th May kicking off at 8pm!

We look forward to seeing you…

Big thanks to Ted  we couldn’t do it with out his Lordship!

Great craic at St. Paddy’s night at the Bulls Head!

The Bulls Head’s Irish Food and Drink week was a great success and featured a really great St. Paddy’s night where fellow Irish Bulls Head counterparts Barry our landlord (from Dublin) and Mary our owner (from Derry) joined the team and all the locals for a great shindig with music and impromptu Irish dancing as well as great Irish dishes and the black stuff…of course.

The team and locals had a great craic on a memorable night when the Publican Award sat proudly on the bar between two Irish craft Gins!!!