Our cellar is stocked with a variety of lovely local cask ales – we only use Cheshire Micro-Brewers from within a 30 mile radius of the pub – and have done since we opened our doors 10 years ago! It is a tradition that we only stray from when we do our famous Pie and Cask Ale week in September. Our guest ales change regularly, and if you feel spoilt for choice, feel free to ask us for a taster!

Mobberley Wobbly Ale Donation

IMG_6718On the eve of our 6th anniversary at the Bulls Head, landlord Barry took time out to present Reverend Ian Blay from St. Wilfrid’s church here in Mobberley with a Cheque for £1400!!

This equates to 14,000 pints of Mobberley Wobbly!

Since we opened our doors we have always said that Mobberley Wobbly Ale had a few special ingredients which might cause a little friskiness and for this we would donate 10p a pint to the local village Church as a form of ‘penance’.

So each year our ‘man of the froth’ Rev. Ian Blay walks down the hill to pick up the donation. This year marks a two year time period since our previous donation. Pictured are Ian with Mobberley Wobbly in hand and landlord Barry in his summer outfit presenting the Cheque!!



Penance Paid again!!

002-3St Wilfs collects our penance!!!

Reverend Ian Blay of St. Wilfrid’s Church of Mobberley arrived in a bright cheery shirt to collect the money raised by our Mobberley Wobbly Ale sales from our landlord Ben, also in an equally striking shirt!! As legend would have it Mobberley Wobbly Ale is believed to be an aphrodisiac and there has certainly been a baby boom since its introduction to Mobberley some 3 years ago!! We knew immediately that we would have to pay a penance to Mobberley Church for our sins and each year Rev. Blay, an ale enthusiast and our ‘man of the froth’ knocks on the door of the Bulls Head to collect the money raised from the sales of Mobberley Wobbly Ale.

0038780 pints have been sold giving a donation to the church of £878.00 this enormous sum is for the last year and a half of sinning. We can point to at least six babies that have been born on the back of this amazing brew this year alone with a couple more on the way. Sam our Chef de Partie and his partner Sophie have just had a baby boy Archie!! Congratulations to them.

Here’s to our Mobberley Wobbly Ale long may it continue to be supped!! Thank you to all our customers who drink the Bulls Heads favourite ale!!

Our sixth ale pump is officially launched

Thanks to Reverend Ian Blay our ‘man of the froth’ for ‘blessing’ our new sixth ale pump which was installed recently to help us cope with demand for our Cheshire ales. Ian kindly broke from his busy schedule to pop in to ‘pull’ the red ribbon to launch the new sixth pump which appropriately had our new Mobberley ale Hedge Hopper on show.

When we came out of the winter we believed our famous ‘1812 Overture Ale’, a competition winning winter ale, would be ‘rested’ for the summer allowing our sunshine ale ‘Blonde Bull’ to take over. But our locals didn’t want to see the ‘Overture’ go so this led to us retaining it hence the need for a sixth pump!!!

Ian also accepted a donation from us for £270.00 which was raised by our two car club treasure hunts and of course the sale of our house beer Mobberley Wobbly this summer.

Mobberley gets its very own bitter!!!

We are really proud to announce new micro-brewery ‘Mobberley Fine Ales’ has brewed its first beer.

‘Hedge Hopper’ is a golden 3.8% hoppy beer with a rich malty taste which defies its ABV.

We want to say a big well done to Phil and Ray (the brewers) for working so hard to bring Mobberley its first micro-brewery.

The bitter is now a regular on our bar.

So come on down and enjoy the second beer to carry our village name.


Spot the Difference

Yes it has finally happened!!! The sixth cask Ale pump has arrived!!!

So we move from our ‘Famous Five Pumps’ to our ‘Super Six Pumps’…..and the reason is that our cask ale sales are growing and because you, our ale enthusiasts, loved our ‘winter ale’ ‘1812 Overture’ so much it has had to be made a permanent feature on our bar!!!!!!!

See here James a key member of the team and ale enthusiast himself proudly showing off the array of beer we now feature……. all from within a 30 mile radius!!

Where is our man of the froth?? A pint awaits you.


Ten pence pieces galore after three months terrific sales of Mobberley Wobbly bitter!!!!!

Yes Reverend Ian Blay our ‘man of the froth’ was welcomed back to the Bulls Head to accept £210.00 on behalf of Mobberley Church.

This donation came after three months of us collecting 10p for every pint of Mobberley Wobbly Ale sold…..2100 pints have been enjoyed since we opened at the end of May 2010.

Rumour has it that Mobberley Wobbly Ale has aphrodisiac qualities!!!! So the 10p is a form of penance we pay for the possible sins that follow a pint or two. The money raised helps the St Wilfrids church in our village and we are proud to do so.

Even with the success of Mobberley Wobbly Ale, Bulls Head bitter our other house ale brewed for us by Weetwood is our best seller We look forward to serving even more this Autumn as we look to try and donate even more to our village church.