Parking at the Bulls Head

Do not Park on the yellow lines as it stops access for farm vehicles

Here at the Bulls Head we want to help all our customers who wish to visit our pub.

So firstly if you are local save fuel and walk to the Bulls Head, or cycle here, it’s healthy and it saves fuel too!!

If you want to have a drink get a taxi or have a designated driver it saves the hassle of leaving your car!!

Please try and car share it is easier on the limited parking.

If you have to drive (and many people do) the Bulls Head is situated on Mill Lane which used to be the main Knutsford to Wilmslow road prior to 1930 when the road was bypassed. So Mill Lane is a crescent as such and you can enter at either end of the lane. We always recommend you enter at the Knutsford end of the lane as there is parking from the top of the lane all the way down to the pub and the walk down is very pleasant.

parkingBear in mind we have 6 car parking spaces so getting here early is important. There are double yellow lines outside the front of the pub so please avoid parking on these. These are to allow easy access up Damson Lane for Milk waggons to collect from our neighbours farm late at night. Cheshire Police do ticket cars parking on this part of the lane.

We have a village approach to parking in our tiny car park…if you block someone in that’s fine just let us know who you are and your car type when you enter so we can find you when it needs moving. If you leave your car overnight we would expect it to be moved before we open the next day. Please let us know if you are leaving your car in our car park overnight. If our car park is full you are more than welcome to park in our sister pub, The Roebuck Inn’s car park across the road.

Finally think about our close neighbours who live in the lane too.  Always park sensibly and leave peacefully.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you all.

Yours the Bulls Head team.