Calling all Car Clubs and Car Meet Organisers!

Arrange your ‘Car Meet’ at the Cholmondeley Arms. All Car Clubs are welcome. The ‘Chum’ makes a great pitstop for your drive out day, with Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner available to pre-booked Car Clubs and their members.

We have a great history of entertaining some of Cheshire’s most famous Car Clubs from the South Cheshire Raiders to the Old Toads Car Club and from Porsche Northwest Club to the Morgan Club.

We also have our own Car Clubs at the Bulls Head, the Porsche, Pub and Pint Club and the Good Fellows Car Club, if you wish to join a great mix of car enthusiasts and indeed our larger Cheshire Cat Pubs Car Club for larger meets.

Please email us on or ring us on 01565 873395 to find out more.