The Bull’s Head

We are so sorry we have been so busy getting the Bulls Head ready that we haven’t been updating our customers with some photos!!! Here are some more from Thursday 27th May 2010 and we now can confirm we will open officially to the public on Saturday 29th at Midday.

We will be planning an evening when the dust has settled to thank our neighbours for putting up with all the noise, dust etc. People have blamed the volcanic ash for flights being cancelled at Manchester airport but I think it was our sandblasting!!! Anyway must be off there are still more things to buy.

See you all soon!!!

Final photos tonight!!


WEEK 3.1

yes the builders have cleared the pub out completely and at last the floor is revealed. Painting, varnishing and gardening are happening now on a wonderfully hot sunny weekend!!! Thanks to Shane and Jen for painting the fence and the woodwork outside and we look forward to all the plants arriving too this week along with furniture and bric a brac. More pictures will follow daily now as this is the final week before opening!!! Lots to do…………………

Week 3

Isn’t the weather beautiful? After a very cold start to May we seem to now to be rewarded with warmth and sunshine. The Bulls Head pub is beginning to take shape and the team have worked exceptionally hard on the building for the last three weeks (feels like three years, no offence to anyone) and we are grateful for their ‘commitment to the cause’.

We are now nearing completion and we will confirm our opening date to our neighbours in the early part of next week. The food and drink are still being deliberated over as I write this…..28 day aged steaks are still being sourced and there is a genuine excitement about the menu and indeed working with local suppliers.

The Ales are settling and the ports are being dusted down. We very much look forward to opening late next week. So watch this space for further details. Thanks to our neighbours once again for living with our noise and dust we really do appreciate it!

See you soon


Week 2

“Week 2 in the Bulls Head Public House!!!! Sorry that sounds a little ‘big brother like’ anyway in a much cooler week we have managed to decorate part of the outside. Please do not worry about the black bits once it is all finished it will look beautiful!!!

The dust has settled….literally and the interior too is beginning to come together although if you are following this blog you won’t see much difference but the whole pub has been rewired, and the toilets have been relocated and all the plumbing is done.

The bar is in place the next step is to get the lines done from the cellar for all the real ales and the fizzy stuff too as well as laying various floor coverings. The drinks list including Wines, whiskies and ports has been assembled and the finishing touches are being put to the food and the menu. We are all working very hard to ensure all is ready for opening in under two weeks time!!

Again a big thanks to our neighbours for their support and we look forward to inviting you in for a drink when we are doing our training evening.

In the meantime enjoy the pictures”

All the best Mary

Week 1

Welcome to The Bull’s Heads website – like the pub it is under construction so we thought we’d use this page to keep you updated with the much anticipated refurbishment!!!

Firstly we do wish to apologise to our neighbours for the dust that has been caused by the sand blasting of the building. We are nearly finished in this regard and the next part is to paint certain aspects of the outside and clean down the original brickwork which has been revealed through the removal of the paint. As you will see from the photos I took today we are one week into the refurbishment and the famous Bulls head has been completely stripped out so we can find the ‘jewels’ of the three cottages that originally became the Bulls Head Hotel (as it was known in the early 1900’s). I will be taking photos each week to keep everyone up to date on the progress we are making.

We aim to be open week commencing 24th May 2010 but as we progress with the works we will firm up the actual date allowing for any delays or if we are ahead!! There is a lot of work going on regarding the Menu which will celebrate plentiful, fresh, nostalgic pub food.

Cheshire micro-breweries have been visited and Ales agreed for the opening and for those that like that fizzy stuff there is something for you too(not from micro-brewaries unfortunately!!!). Whiskies, wines and Ports are being deliberated over as I write. Infact I had better sign off as there is much to do. More photos for you next week.

See you soon.



A lot of prospective customers have asked for a few photos of the Bulls Head before the refurb. I didn’t take many sadly as we weren’t really proud of our acquisition prior to its closure. One has to look forward to what this tremendously characterful building could look like rather than focus on the poor presentation of the pub as we got it.

Don’t get me wrong it was clean and tidy but sadly the original features were hidden behind plaster and wallpaper and borders!!! While it had a new carpet and some new ‘honey’ed pine furniture it was a pub completely lacking in character, charm, warmth and atmosphere. What potential though…….