It is always a busy time here at the Bulls Head, so please do look through the archives to see what has happened month by month since we acquired the Bulls Head back in November 2009

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Victoria gets silver!!!

Big congratulations to Victoria Pendleton for winning silver on Tuesday. The Bulls Head cheered her on via our iPad from the office of the Bulls Head. We think Vicky was robbed but there you go!! A superb effort and what a way to retire!!! Well done you have set the bar (forgive the pun) for so many people!!!!

Now then, last week we got a call from Sky News wondering if we had a telly in the pub!!! As any visitor to the Bulls Head would know we don’t have a telly. Apparently Sky news wanted to film us cheering on another visitor to the Bulls Head, the one and only Sir Chris Hoy!!! I guess now we wish we had bought a telly!!!

Anyway well done Chris…………. 6 gold medals…!! There are few words that can sum up that achievement. A true hero!!

Thank goodness we have built our Bike Park in honour of the Olympic Cycling Team. Thanks to Rick and Paul our superb locals and log suppliers…they came up with the most superb bespoke bike park after an idea from Tim and it is a privilege to dedicate it to the efforts of Britain’s excellent cyclists. It is for all cyclist to enjoy and there is more to come as we build the second at our other pub the Cholmondley Arms near Malpas.

We are very proud to be British right now, the country needed this lift and with the sailing in Weymouth near our other pub the Red Lion we have truly felt the spirit of the games. Here’s to the final days hoping for a few more golds!!!

Victoria Pendleton wins gold in the women’s Keirin

Victoria Pendleton who enjoys a Sunday lunch here at the Bulls Head occasionally has won gold in the women’s Keirin in the Velodrome in London and secures Britain’s third track cycling gold in 24 hours.

Guo Shuang took silver with Lee Wai Sze of Hong Kong in bronze. Pendleton’s rival, Australia’s world champion, Anna Mears was fifth.

31-year-old Victoria will be up against Mears again when she begins the defence of her individual sprint title on Sunday we will have our fingers (well everything really) crossed and how appropriate it is on a Sunday….come on Victoria get to the final!!!

Congratulations to Victoria from all the team at the Bulls Head, Mobberley as she made the final yippee!!!!!!!!!!! We don’t have a TV at the Bulls Head so an iPad is used to secretly watch the races while looking after our loyal customers!! Tuesday will be no different so come on Victoria do your best you deserve it.


Horses (and riders) always welcome!!!

It has been a summer of activity here at the Bulls Head particularly on the exterior of the pub where a new garden wall has been restored, a fantastic bike park has been built for cycling enthusiasts, the specially made Bulls Head Village news board has been erected and now following a recent visit from the Cheshire Farmers ‘drag hunt pub ride’, Sophie, our very own horse riding enthusiast, decided that the Bulls Head should get its act together and become horse friendly!!! We have won many plaudits for our dog friendliness but horse friendliness is a new one on me.

So Sophie set out and acquired Horse snacks that sit on the bar near the dog snacks in the snug and ‘lead’ ropes that are now available as well as water of course in a special horsey bucket!!! We have areas to tie up horses too. As you will see from the picture the new bike park isn’t really the ideal place to park your horse!!!

So if you are out in the country on your horse and you both need refreshment then think no further than the Bulls Head!!!

Tim Bird






Bulls Head Village News board arrives!!

After just a few weeks of working up a design and briefing our excellent Wood Craft Company, our brand new external ‘village news’ notice board has finally arrived!! Phil and Shane, (with the help of Sophie and Tim) got the board in position with “a bit to the right and a bit to the left” etc.

We are really proud of it and it means that we can now display local village events as well as Bulls Head events in Mill Lane. We have chatted with the Parish council and they are delighted with our news (pardon the pun!!).

So if you have lost your pet cat or have a fete coming up and need people to know about it please pop it on a smart notice and we will put it on the board.

Great news all round!!!



Ben takes Goodfellas Car club through the half century!!!

Yep this little Fiat 500 or ‘Bambino’ as I like to call them became the Goodfellas 50th Car Club member and guess what? The owner didn’t leave his email address!!! So if you know whose car this is or you are indeed the gentleman we chatted with who proudly owns this little gem of a car please let us know your email address as a prize awaits!!!!

Our landlord Ben has done very well recruiting some cracking cars of all shapes, sizes and ages since taking over the Bulls Head.

Here’s to the next half century!!

New Bike Park underway!!!

Thanks to the boys, Rick and Paul from Caddishome (who supply our logs), we are well on our way to building an original place for bicycles as the first part of our unique Cheshire timber bike park was completed and put in to place. There is a lot of work still to do but a big thanks to Nick and Fiona for ‘Christening’ it last night with their bikes as they enjoyed well-earned food and drink here at the Bulls Head!!!

We have many customers who visit us on push bikes of all types and styles and we decided that we would develop a unique bike park especially for them and in recognition of the Olympic cycling team of which one or two are regular customers!! The bike area will be finished in time for the 2012 Olympics and we hope to officially open it after the games but it will be fully usable from late July 2012.

Another reason to visit the Bulls Head so get your lycra on and stretch those muscles around the Cheshire Country side!!!!

Ben arrives as our new Landlord and brings a bit of summer with him!!!

Ben Redwood has started as new landlord of the Bulls Head following the retirement of former landlords Shane and Jenny!!
Ben has joined the team from Brunning and Price Pub Company having worked for them latterly at Sutton Hall in Macclesfied but mainly at the famous Harkers Arms in Chester!!! Ben fell in love with the Bulls Head on visiting and recognises what a great village pub it is.

Ben has great knowledge and experience in all things Ale, whisky and food!! He is also a strong team player and is looking forward to having friendly rivalry with Steve our landlord at the Cholmondeley Arms (a good friend of Bens).

Ben will also become ‘president’ of the Goodfellas Car Club and will rival owner Tim for members over the next year!!! Just as Ben arrived so too did the sunshine and with it our 2012 summer drinks selection featuring our very own Prosecco based ‘Mobberlini’s’ and Rose lemonade for Jugs with Gin to name but a few.

So cheer up your rainy day with a bit of sunshine in a glass as well as a warm Mobberley welcome to Ben.

Car Clubs Unite for Pageant of Power!!!!!

Members of the 3p and Goodfellas car clubs got together at the Bulls Head for fresh coffee and Cured Bacon baps before driving off in convoy to the Pageant of Power Car extravaganza at Cholmondely Castle close to our other pub the Cholmondeley Arms!!!

On route to the Pageant the drivers, who were made up of competition winners and enthusiasts, had to complete a treasure
hunt quiz based on landmarks on the journey towards Whitchurch on the A49!!! Andrew and his team came out triumphant and got a second Gin and Tonic for their troubles at the Cholmondeley Arms later in the day after the Pageant!! The Cholmondeley Arms boasts over 100 different gins!!!

The day stayed dry and was enjoyed by all we are still wandering where Bens team and Gregs team are!!?? Thank you for all the support from the car clubs and here’s to a summer of successful car events!!!!

One of the many G&T’s at the Chum

Big tent keeps everyone dry for Rose Queen!!!

What a shame the weather was so wet. The 90th Rose Queen celebration was a wet one to say the least but it certainly didn’t spoil the event or the enthusiasm of the former and present Rose Queens who assembled for this great anniversary!! Well done once again to all the organizers as well as everyone who turned out to support the event.

Working on long range weather forecasts we decided to put up two small marquees to ‘house’ our Organic Pig Roast, Barbecue, Outdoor bar and Ice Cream cart as well as many visitors from the rain. The Mobberley Wobbly Ale flowed as well as Tatton’s aptly named ‘White Queen’ Ale.

Pork and crackling Baps with Lloyds gorgeous apple sauce went down a storm (literally!!) and our Angie did a great job on barbecue with Rhug estate sausages and Locally made lamb burgers!!! Mr Softy himself….James, our deputy, here at the Bulls Head, sold a number of ice creams to excited children while Rachel and Helen held everything together!!!

Mary the owner with Sophie and Fliss (our other deputies) got everything ready while Tim and Lloyd carried the 90 kilogram pig from the prep kitchen to the roaster…boy was he heavy!!!!

The decision is to do the same every year following the feedback from all our customers!!! Let’s hope the sun shines a bit more next year!!!!



Birds and the Bees at the Bulls Head!!!

Here’s a picture of Rick our log man who is fortunately a beekeeper too!!! We asked Rick to pop down and help move a nest of Bumble bees that had set up home in one of our bird houses. The queen bee had settled in nicely and her clan were beginning to grow. So it was time to call on Rick and brother Paul to help us re-locate the bees around three miles away with the bird house having to move with them!!! Amazing what people will do for two pints of Mobberley Wobbly!!!

Rick and Paul supply all our logs and our log container as well as kindling and salt in the winter and can be found at .

In terms of the birds…in our other bird box four baby blue tits were born and have now flown the nest safely just before the bird box fell from the fence in adverse weather and broke!!

So our big investment will be two new bird houses for the Bulls Head this summer!!!

Well we know we are the ‘home from home’ for many