GoodFellows Triumph!

Treasure Hunt another success!

Despite the weather we had excellent teams rock up to the 7th Bulls Head Treasure Hunt between The Porsche Pub and Pint Club (3P Club) and the Goodfellows Car Club (Anything but a Porsche Club). The rain came down as the teams set off at 3pm but they were un-phased as they headed on their way in to the Cheshire Countryside to pick up clues and answer their additional quiz questions as well as having to take certain photos on route and collect items too.

Tim the owner was somewhat worried when no one had emerged by 5.15pm but his fears were calmed as each team arrived home from the rain unscathed! As the scoring was completed the teams enjoyed the Bulls Head Traditional Pub Plates and a drink before the winners were announced.

Finishing in third place representing the 3P Club were the ‘Town Lane Farmers’ Julie and Rob and then Cholmondeley Arms regulars Vicki and Tim of ‘The Nerds’ came home in second place leaving the ‘Scooby Doo’s’ Fraser and Jane to finish in first place. The second and first places were filled by Good Fellows meaning this years Treasure Hunt was scooped by the Goodfellows for the second year running!

The top three picked up vouchers to enjoy at the Bulls Head….(and The Church Inn) whilst the coveted trophy, Porsche Mug, Silverstone Race Day (worth £400) and a Good Pub Guide went to the winners as well as £50 of Vouchers to use in Tim’s Mobberley Pubs.

Well done to everyone who competed. It was a close run Treasure Hunt. Here’s to next year….

Good Fellows win at Last…..

Three-P-Club-LogoThe annual Bulls Head Car Club Treasure Hunt has finally been won by the Good Fellows! 8 cars took part in this year’s Treasure Hunt and after five 3p (Porsche Pub and Pint) Car club wins in a row it was the Good Fellows that finally came out smiling!

The winning car a BMW Z4 was driven by ‘the Hairdressers’ ….who else!!? Jonathon and Lindsey were thrilled as they were pipped last year by only half a point!! So they are Treasure Hunt Champions 2016 and accepted the Cup and a Porsche drive experience at Silverstone kindly donated by Martin at Porsche Chester our treasure hunt sponsors.

Goodfellow5-Car-Club-LogoTeams also had to answer 20 very tough quiz questions while attempting to pick up 50 clues. I would like to thank all the teams for taking part.

Second place went to last year’s champs Fraser and Jane of the Scooby Doos who were beaten by their old rivals winning a rather nice Porsche wine stopper.

In third place were ‘Team Candy’ all the way from Cholmondeley winning a pair of Porsche baseball hats.

Congratulations to all the teams that took part but particularly the Hairdressers pictured with the cup presented by owner Tim.

See you all next year.

Bulls Head treasure hunt won by 3P Car club for the fifth year!!

Club-LogoThe day was wet (initially) but we still had enough teams to make a good day of it. At 3pm the teams assembled for the annual Bulls Head Treasure Hunt which, as tradition would have it, is between the Good Fellows Car Club and the Porsche Pub and Pint (3P) Club.

The treasure trail took the cars off towards our sister pub the Church Inn (also in Mobberley) and a dash round the graveyard of St. Wilfrid’s Church and then off to Wilmslow, Mottram, Alderley Edge picking up clues as they went.

Teams also had to answer 40 quiz questions while picking up clues. I would like to thank our business partners the Cheshire Smokehouse, our Log and landscape gardeners (and a lot more) Paul and Rick at Caddis and the Foden Lane Nursery and of course our very own Church Inn for allowing the teams to run around their domains picking up clues!!

GF-LogoThe overall winners in the end were Fraser and Jane of the Scooby Doos who beat off a brilliant challenge by Jonathan and Lindsay of the ‘Hairdressers’ team by half a point! Literally never has a ‘Good Fellow’ club team come so close to ensuring the Good Fellows a win overall.

In third place were the Targa Twosome Phil and Roger all the way from Cholmondeley! They delivered the highest treasure hunt score but slipped up on the quiz….no smart phone apparently!!

Anyway congratulations to all the teams that took part but particularly the Scooby Doos (pictured) with their prize which was kindly donated by Martin from Porsche Chester. The prize was a Porsche Drive Day at Silverstone and of course the cup which will be engraved in the 2015 winners names.

Next year the Treasure Hunt will be moved to late September to avoid holidays etc.

Dead Heat for first as 3p Club win overall!!



It was a good day weather wise as the cars arrived promptly at 3pm for the 4th Annual ‘Head to Head’ Treasure Hunt between the Bulls Heads two car teams, the 3P (Porsche Pub and Pint Club) and the Good fellows Car Club.

Previously the 3P team had won all three annual Head to Heads…would today be different? All teams set off on an excellent run planned exceptionally well by Sophie. There were quiz questions to answer as well as picture rounds while the teams had to find the clues en-route!!

Every team arrived back safely and intact. The scoring was done and I have to say everyone had an excellent run round and scored very well.

In the end there was a dead heat on the overall scores so it went to tie breaker and amazingly on 25 answers used for the tie breaker the two teams couldn’t be separated, so a ‘dead heat’ was declared!!

The two winning teams were the Good Fellows ‘Husbands Team’ and the 3P Club ‘Collins Girls’! Well done to both…the ‘Husbands’ were camera shy but the Collins Girls namely Lucy was proud to hold the trophy aloft.

Taking the top four cars in to account the 3P Club won the treasure hunt for the fourth time in a row but this has to be the closest competition yet. The Scooby do’s were third and the Eager Beevers fourth.

Thank you to Soph for all the hard work and to all the teams that took part and here’s to next year!!

Car Club members enjoy the Pageant of Power!!



Each year The Bulls Head car clubs, Tim’s 3P (Porsche Pub and Pint) Club and Ben’s Goodfellow’s Vintage and Classic Car Club, have a day out at Cholmondeley for the Pageant of Power. This year was no different with members meeting at the Bulls Head for the traditional bacon butties and lots
of coffee before heading out convoy style to Cholmondeley. The members were also treated to a rather nice gin and tonic after a great day of being
‘petrol heads’. The Pageant of power is Cheshire’s answer to Goodwood but with far more Cheshire charm.

We are still looking for members to join our car clubs whether you drive a Porsche or a classic/vintage car. Ben also welcomes some of the odder
vehicles in to the wide reaching Good fellows club!! As he says if you take the ‘go’ out of ‘Goodfellows’ you get ‘Odfellows!!!’ which explains buses
and steam engines being members!!

Events are being organised throughout this year for members including our annual treasure hunt challenge between the two clubs. So if you love your
car, join our clubs and meet up with other enthusiasts!!

The Bulls Head’s 3 Year Anniversary!!



Landlord Ben, owners Tim and Mary and the team celebrated their three year Anniversary of the ‘new’ Bulls Head in style with sunshine…yes sunshine and a full garden and full bike park!!

gflogoThe Party was on Bank Holiday Saturday and everyone enjoyed the Cheshire Hog Roast with Birthday ales on the bar and our new Summer drinks Menu. There were cupcakes and Nostalgic specials on the board!! Live music from our old Jazz boys Smoooth. We cannot believe it is three years!!!

The Car Club membership competition results were announced …

Ben and the Good fellows Car Club were up to 61 members 18 more than May 2012 Tim and the Porsche, Pub and Pint Club were up to 42 Members 6 more than May 2012

Congratulations to Ben and the ‘Good fellows’ Car Club who are victorious on the membership championship in May 2013!!!

3plogoTim agreed to pay the usual losers fee!!! £100 to Bens chosen Charity….Witness………at…so all for a good cause!!

This means that the Membership Championship now stands at 2-1 to the Ben since starting back in May 2010!!

A big thank you to all our customers for supporting the Bulls Head over the years since we rescued it from closure back in 2010!!



2012 Car Club treasure Hunt better than ever!!!

Ten cars, two teams, a sunny day and the beautiful Cheshire countryside what else could you ask for?? The engines were revving and the competition was hot…Tim’s 3P Club for Porsche enthusiasts versus Landlord Ben’s Goodfellas Car Club sponsored superbly by Porsche Chester and Martin their enthusiastic Sales Director!! Who took part but had to pick up his wife half way round as her hair appointment over ran!!…Tim’s team had fluked it last year by one point!!! What would happen this year!!?? Well everyone got round safely taking in such sights as Shakerley Mere, our next pub project the three Greyhounds Inn at Allostock and many more sights along the way.

It wasn’t a race and everyone was back in the pub for a traditional pub plate snack and a well-earned drink. Team ‘Gas Guzzler’ even managed to fit in a trip to B&Q during the ‘hunt’!!!

Anyway the 2012 Champs for the Goodfellas by one point from previous 2011 Champs ‘Herding Cats’, were popular ‘quizzers’ ‘Team Clueless’ pictured in their wonderful car.

The Porsche Champs 2012 were Team Smokey and the bandit!!! With defending Champions 2011  ‘Car Collins Girls’ third. The overall winners who finished in last place last year were the Boxter Bulls!!! Well done lads. So overall the Porsche Club sealed a second successive win!! Tim accepted the Cup on behalf of his team with a smug grin!!

Big thanks to our landlord Ben who put the whole thing together…. it was a great day!!! Thanks again to Ben for not sulking too much because his team were beaten!! Big thanks to Martin for sponsoring the event through Porsche Chester and putting up the first prize a Porsche experience drive round Silverstone!!!

Finally thanks to all our loyal Car Clubbers for supporting our pub and donating £50 to our Mobberley Church charity!!! Well done all of you.

See you all next year!!!!