Win a Porsche ‘experience’ drive at Silverstone for two people!!!

Yes this is the exciting prize kindly put up by Porsche-Chester for the individual car team finishing first at…..

The Annual Bulls Head Car Club Treasure hunt is a week away!! So come and enjoy an autumn day on the country roads of Mobberley!!!

We have had a number of teams register but there is still space for a few more!!! SO………

The Date?

Saturday 6th October 2012

The place?

Bulls Head, Mobberley.

The Time?  

3PM kick off!!

The Duration?

1-2 hours

What you have to do now?

Please email Tim at…….. to register stating your name and your car. You need to register ASAP!!!!

We are looking for 5-6 teams per club to compete for the coveted trophy. Two team members per car.

Can the ‘Goodfellas’ deliver the goods this year having lost by a ‘whisker’ to the Porsches in 2011!!???

The Treasure hunt is not a timed race so therefore everyone will have plenty of time to get round and answer the clues (hopefully) and you never know where you could end up!!

All we will ask is for a £5 entry fee per car which will go towards the local Mobberley Church Charity

Ben takes Goodfellas Car club through the half century!!!

Yep this little Fiat 500 or ‘Bambino’ as I like to call them became the Goodfellas 50th Car Club member and guess what? The owner didn’t leave his email address!!! So if you know whose car this is or you are indeed the gentleman we chatted with who proudly owns this little gem of a car please let us know your email address as a prize awaits!!!!

Our landlord Ben has done very well recruiting some cracking cars of all shapes, sizes and ages since taking over the Bulls Head.

Here’s to the next half century!!

Car Clubs Unite for Pageant of Power!!!!!

Members of the 3p and Goodfellas car clubs got together at the Bulls Head for fresh coffee and Cured Bacon baps before driving off in convoy to the Pageant of Power Car extravaganza at Cholmondely Castle close to our other pub the Cholmondeley Arms!!!

On route to the Pageant the drivers, who were made up of competition winners and enthusiasts, had to complete a treasure
hunt quiz based on landmarks on the journey towards Whitchurch on the A49!!! Andrew and his team came out triumphant and got a second Gin and Tonic for their troubles at the Cholmondeley Arms later in the day after the Pageant!! The Cholmondeley Arms boasts over 100 different gins!!!

The day stayed dry and was enjoyed by all we are still wandering where Bens team and Gregs team are!!?? Thank you for all the support from the car clubs and here’s to a summer of successful car events!!!!

One of the many G&T’s at the Chum

Ale Trail enjoyed for the second year!!


Over forty people were entertained again for the annual ABN AMRO Ale trail as a thank you for hard work through the year.

Our six ale pumps reflected as always the ‘local hero’ microbrewers of Cheshire and the beers most enjoyed on the day were Cheshire Cat brewed by Weetwood and Whirly Bird brewed by Mobberley Fine Ales and of course Mobberley Wobbly Ale.

The mode of transport was the same as last year for the ale trail, an excellent old bus all the way from Halifax!! We have decided to make the bus an honorary member of the ‘Good Fellas’ car club…which makes it two buses so far!!

Tim beats Shane as ‘year two’ of the New Bulls Head is celebrated!!!

White 911

Tuesday 29th May 2012 marks the 2nd Anniversary of the new Bulls Head. How time has flown!!

Each year, Tim the Chairman of the 3p Car Club and Shane the ‘outgoing’ Chairman of the ‘Good Fellas’ Car Club compete to see who can gain the most car club members for their respective car clubs.

Well………… in year two of the new Bulls Head, Tim is victorious with 18 members gained (weirdly exactly the same as last year!!!) to Shanes 16 members!!!

Shane still has 43 members in total compared to Tim’s 36 members but remember Tim is purely a Porsche club.

Well done to Tim and bad luck to Shane.

£100 will go to Tim’s Charity the local Mobberley Church paid by Shane as he retires from the Bulls Head and the Club. A new ‘Chairman’ is being recruited as we write this……… more news later!!

Datsun 260z

Goodfellas gets a mention on

Who needs a Porsche?

Went for a drive with the missus tonight, and stopped at a brilliant pub in Mobberley, Cheshire called the Bull’s Head. Superb cask ales – what more could you want?

Anyway, I noticed an unusual number of Porsches littered around outside. When I went in, a guy I have never met walked up to me and said: “Let me just tell you, you have got the finest car on the car park there – it doesn’t get better than that.” What a welcome!

It turns out there is a Porsche club meets there – the 3P club (stands for Pub, Porsche and Pint Club apparently), but the landlord decided to set up a rival car club for other marques called the Goodfellas Club – that excludes Porsches!

He told me all I had to do was take a picture of my 260Z outside the pub, email it to him and I would get a free mug and membership of the club – so I did it there and then from my phone (see attached picture).

If anyone is passing there, why not do the same? Everyone was very friendly, and the beer (and food) there is mega.

Click here to read full discussion

Spring is upon us so join the club and have fun this year!!!

3p Club and Goodfellas Club.

As a ‘petrol head’ and enthusiastic Porsche fan it suddenly occurred to Tim, when a wonderful pale blue Porsche ‘Speedster’ parked outside our Bulls Head pub, that he should form a ‘special club’ here at the Bulls Head in Mobberley. The club is known as the 3p Club and in its first year gained 18 members!!

3p stands for ‘Pub, Porsche and Pint’ Club and to be a member of this ‘elite’ and fun club all you have to do is…………

A) Own a Porsche or borrow or hire one regularly!!
B) Park your proud Porsche (as seen in the photos) outside the Bulls Head
C) Take a photo of your proud Porsche and email the photo to Tim at our email address with your name and the name of your Porsche (if you have one). It’s as simple as that!!

Your Porsche picture will then be proudly presented on the website and when Tim has 50 Porsche members he will be drawing a lucky winner for an excellent ‘Drive experience event’.

We will be organising special drinks evenings and food evenings throughout the year for Club Members. As well as the annual 3p Club Treasure Hunt every July, the Goodfellas in August with the ‘head to head’ grand car club final between the two clubs every September!!.

There is no joining fee for the 3p Club. We will from time to time ask for small donations for local charities at our club events.

Each member on joining will receive a 3p Mug and a free pint of Bulls Head Bitter (or glass of wine) served to them proudly in the pub!! Mugs will be presented when you visit to claim your pint or glass of wine or at the special events we arrange.

So come and enjoy the quirky Porsche Club now.

I know immediately this unique club alienates other car enthusiasts!!! So our landlord Ben is ‘President’ of our rival club (Ben has an old ‘Merc’) which is called ‘The Goodfellas Car Club’.

To join this club you mustn’t own a Porsche! You must be exceptionally proud of your vehicle/mode of transport and send a picture of it parked outside the Bulls Head (the same as the Porsche pictures). Ben will decide who is ‘worthy’ of joining The ‘Goodfellas’ Car Club and this club too will enjoy social events throughout the year.

The aim of both clubs over time will be to have fun, enjoy our great village pub, create friendly rivalry between the clubs and help raise money for charity.

So it’s over to you….our present and future customers… we look forward to your car photos. Each year Tim will be betting Ben £100 for a nominated charity that he will have more members than Ben in a year. Original landlord, Shane Bushell won ‘year one’ with 27 members to Tim’s 18…but Tim won in 2011 with 18 members gained (weirdly exactly the same as last year!!!) to Shane’s 16 members!!! Shane has now retired and handed the Goodfellas car club over to new landlord, Ben.

So come on…….. ‘Grab the Bull by the horns’…..and join the stampede to be in the club(s)!!!

Click here to view 3p Club

Click here to view Goodfellas Club

All the Best

Ben and Tim at the Bulls Head.

The Independent Porsche Enthusiasts Club (TIPEC) ‘Rev’ up to The Bulls Head !!!!!

It was great to welcome the ‘real’ Porsche enthusiasts to the Bulls Head the other night with some absolute classics on show!!! The TIPEC  team travelled from far and wide to meet up and socialise while comparing cars in a distinctly friendly yet slightly competitive way!!! The team pictured above (except one who took the photo!!) were keen to join our 3p Club on the night but the light wasn’t great (as the nights are drawing in) so they did well to get the necessary photos completed with the help of the odd headlight!!

Once those photos of each car (click on car clubs to see them) outside the Bulls Head, were taken, the team were officially members and were then presented with their 3p mugs and a couple of ‘pub plates’ were shared on us!! The team will be returning for day time photo taking and we do look forward to seeing you all again soon. This means that in the members race
between Shane and I for 2011/12 I am now in a significant lead!!! Ho!!Ho!!

A special thanks to Steve and Ben for giving us the opportunity to look after the TIPEC’s. See you all soon!!

Tim’s 3p Car Club edges it versus Shane’s Goodfellas in ‘head to head’ treasure hunt!!!!

A great night was had last night as Tim’s 3p (Pub, Porsche and Pint Club) literally ‘pipped’ Shanes Goodfellas Car Club by just two points on the head to head car treasure hunt.

Lord Ted deserves great praise for putting the final treasure hunt of the season together so well.

The teams took to the road with great determination and Goodfellas team Jo and Nick won the best treasure hunt score as well as best quiz score picking up £50 of Bulls Head vouchers to spend in the pub celebrating!!!

Andrew and Dan collected the prize for least miles used whilst driving the treasure hunt to its conclusion!!!

To Shane’s bitter disappointment Jo and Nicks superb efforts didn’t manage to bring the Goodfellas home first. Team 3p stole it by TWO points!!!

Mary presented the Cup to Tim and the team and Shane accepted defeat gracefully but promised revenge next year!!!

Thanks to the teams that took part and for those that couldn’t make it your teams represented you well!!! Here’s to more treasure hunts next year!!!







Register Now for the Bulls Head Goodfellas Car club treasure hunt!!!

When ? Thursday 14th July 2011 at the Bulls Head by 7pm please.

Lord Ted (quiz master extraordinaire!!) and I have joined forces to create the Bulls Head’s local Mobberley Treasure hunt that will begin at 7pm travelling from the Bulls Head and should take no longer than an hour and a half to complete.

The Treasure hunt is not a timed race so therefore everyone will have plenty of time to get round and return to the Bulls Head safely for some nibbles and liquid refreshment!!

All we will ask is for a £5 entry fee per car which will go to the local Mobberley Church.

Drivers need to have a partner with them to help navigate and at times jump from the car (when not moving) to collect clues!! You are not restricted to one team member but your car may well restrict the number passengers you can take!!! The nibbles will be on the house as will be the first drink. Remember the top four teams will go forward to represent the Goodfellas Car Club against the 3p Club in a head to head Treasure hunt in August.

What you have to do???

Please email Shane at to register. You need to register ASAP!!!!

If you know other car owners that want to join in then forward this to them and they can join the Goodfellas club on the night!!

The Maximum number of cars taking part is 10 so please be quick to register for what should be a fun evening!!

There will be a few surprises on the night I am sure so Ted and I look forward to seeing you all.

Kind Regards Shane