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Who needs a Porsche?

Went for a drive with the missus tonight, and stopped at a brilliant pub in Mobberley, Cheshire called the Bull’s Head. Superb cask ales – what more could you want?

Anyway, I noticed an unusual number of Porsches littered around outside. When I went in, a guy I have never met walked up to me and said: “Let me just tell you, you have got the finest car on the car park there – it doesn’t get better than that.” What a welcome!

It turns out there is a Porsche club meets there – the 3P club (stands for Pub, Porsche and Pint Club apparently), but the landlord decided to set up a rival car club for other marques called the Goodfellas Club – that excludes Porsches!

He told me all I had to do was take a picture of my 260Z outside the pub, email it to him and I would get a free mug and membership of the club – so I did it there and then from my phone (see attached picture).

If anyone is passing there, why not do the same? Everyone was very friendly, and the beer (and food) there is mega.

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