Tim beats Shane as ‘year two’ of the New Bulls Head is celebrated!!!

White 911

Tuesday 29th May 2012 marks the 2nd Anniversary of the new Bulls Head. How time has flown!!

Each year, Tim the Chairman of the 3p Car Club and Shane the ‘outgoing’ Chairman of the ‘Good Fellas’ Car Club compete to see who can gain the most car club members for their respective car clubs.

Well………… in year two of the new Bulls Head, Tim is victorious with 18 members gained (weirdly exactly the same as last year!!!) to Shanes 16 members!!!

Shane still has 43 members in total compared to Tim’s 36 members but remember Tim is purely a Porsche club.

Well done to Tim and bad luck to Shane.

£100 will go to Tim’s Charity the local Mobberley Church paid by Shane as he retires from the Bulls Head and the Club. A new ‘Chairman’ is being recruited as we write this………..so more news later!!

Datsun 260z

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