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Who needs a Porsche?

Went for a drive with the missus tonight, and stopped at a brilliant pub in Mobberley, Cheshire called the Bull’s Head. Superb cask ales – what more could you want?

Anyway, I noticed an unusual number of Porsches littered around outside. When I went in, a guy I have never met walked up to me and said: “Let me just tell you, you have got the finest car on the car park there – it doesn’t get better than that.” What a welcome!

It turns out there is a Porsche club meets there – the 3P club (stands for Pub, Porsche and Pint Club apparently), but the landlord decided to set up a rival car club for other marques called the Goodfellas Club – that excludes Porsches!

He told me all I had to do was take a picture of my 260Z outside the pub, email it to him and I would get a free mug and membership of the club – so I did it there and then from my phone (see attached picture).

If anyone is passing there, why not do the same? Everyone was very friendly, and the beer (and food) there is mega.

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My Perfect Sunday: Victoria Pendleton

By the time I get to the weekend my brutal training routine has totally exhausted me, so on Sundays I stay in bed for as long as I can possibly get away with, catching up on sleep.

After a breakfast of poached eggs on toast, I’d jump on my bike – this time for a leisurely ride. We live in Wilmslow, which means I can cycle around Cheshire’s pretty lanes or get to the countryside in five minutes. On a cold, crisp winter morning, when the sun’s out, there’s nothing nicer. For lunch I’d go to the Bull’s Head in Mobberley with my team-mate Ross Edgar and his girlfriend, Kelly. I don’t really have a social life, so going to the pub makes me feel, for a while, like I do! On Sundays, two brilliant old guys play chilled-out jazz. It’s very cosy.

After a big roast, I’d go home and pick up my two Dobermans, Stella and Mr Jonty, who has such an aristocratic air about him that we just had to make him a “Mr”. I love spending quality time walking them and teaching them tricks.

Back home I’d spend a few hours on one of my creative hobbies. I’ve painted a couple of canvasses recently and I love dressmaking. I have a cupboard full of fabric and lots of great intentions, but I never seem to finish anything as I never get enough time to myself!

The rest of the evening, I must admit, would be spent with my feet up. I try to recuperate as much as possible on a Sunday because on Monday the brutal routine starts again…

Good Beer Guide recognises our commitment to local Cheshire beers!!!

We are so proud to announce that after only 15 months of trading , the ‘new’ Bulls Head team has been recognised for our commitment to only serving local micro-brewery ale from Cheshire Breweries within a 30 mile radius.

Our intention was always to support local businesses whether it be Ale or food.

To be acknowledged by the Good Beer guide this early in our journey with the Bulls Head is hugely satisfying.

However success is a journey not a destination and so we must work even harder in the future to ensure consistency over many years to come.

Thank you to all our loyal customers for enjoying our ale with us and here’s to many more pints being enjoyed in the future.