Meet the Head Chef – Andy

  1. How long have you worked with Cheshire Cat Pubs and Inns? 8 years
  2. What Meal would be your last? My mums roast beef dinner
  3. What’s your favourite tipple? First coffee of the day
  4. What do you love most in life? Socialising with friends and long walks with my dog in the countryside
  5. What do you dislike most in life? Rudeness, people spitting and disrespect to the elderly
  6. Who is your favourite chef? Rick stein because I love seafood
  7. If you could pick any song off a juke box what would it be? Tears from heaven-ERIC CLAPTON, the song has a special place for somebody I miss everyday
  8. What was your favourite ‘eating out’ experience? My 40th birthday meal at tgi Fridays spent with all my family and friends
  9. Who makes you laugh most? Mark livesy, he’s naturally funny
  10. What is your most important ingredient in the kitchenMy personal favourite is coriander, its great in salads and seafood for that nice fresh taste
  11. What did you get told off most for by your mum or dad?Picking my nose
  12. What was your favourite subject at school? Home Economics
  13. Favourite Vegetable? Broccoli/cauliflower
  14. Which person would you most want to have dinner with…? Duncan Ferguson – Everton legend