It is always a busy time here at the Bulls Head, so please do look through the archives to see what has happened month by month since we acquired the Bulls Head back in November 2009

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The Perfect Postbox

One of the great things about the Bulls Head is that it sits opposite the village post box which was repainted just a few weeks ago!!!

As you can see from the photo of the main window of our pub there sits the perfect excuse to have a sneaky drink while you do the post!!!

Or even better combine a walk with the dog, posting that important birhtday card with a drink by the fire in our whisky snug!!!

It’s what village life is all about as the song goes….”easy like a Sunday morning”

Ten pence pieces galore after three months terrific sales of Mobberley Wobbly bitter!!!!!

Yes Reverend Ian Blay our ‘man of the froth’ was welcomed back to the Bulls Head to accept £210.00 on behalf of Mobberley Church.

This donation came after three months of us collecting 10p for every pint of Mobberley Wobbly Ale sold…..2100 pints have been enjoyed since we opened at the end of May 2010.

Rumour has it that Mobberley Wobbly Ale has aphrodisiac qualities!!!! So the 10p is a form of penance we pay for the possible sins that follow a pint or two. The money raised helps the St Wilfrids church in our village and we are proud to do so.

Even with the success of Mobberley Wobbly Ale, Bulls Head bitter our other house ale brewed for us by Weetwood is our best seller We look forward to serving even more this Autumn as we look to try and donate even more to our village church.



Powers To the People!!!

After being open 12 weeks now at the Bulls Head, Shane and Tim have been trying their best to complete the Irish whiskey collection behind the Bulls Head bar with a bottle of Powers Irish whisky!!! However no one in England could supply it to us so on a trip to Donegal Tim and Mary picked up a bottle for the shelf!!

Tim is pictured outside their favourite Irish pub ‘The Glen Bar’ in the village of Glen by the coast in Northern Donegal. Also on the trip log baskets have been acquired for the three fires in the Bulls Head from a local basket weaver situated near the coastal town of Dunfanaghy.

So a whiskey by the fire?? This autumn the Bulls Head will be the place to be.


Alex Byars pictured couldn’t believe his luck when he visited on Sunday. He became the 1000th customer since we opened only 12 weeks ago to order fish and chips from our menu.

Our Fish and chips is a top favourite with customers and Alex (pictured enjoying his in our garden!) got the fish and chips on the house!!!

Our now legendary Steak and Ale pie will be the next dish to cross the 1000 mark so pie fans may be lucky when they order the dish in the next few weeks as we will be celebrating in the same way.

A big thanks to Alex for posing for the photo for our news page and well done!!

Giant courgette looking forward to Sunday lunch!!!

In our kitchen garden we have managed to grow a somewhat large courgette!!!!

Anyone who has enjoyed the ‘Sharing Pub Plate’ at the Bulls Head will know the size of the plate, well as you can see we have put this plate under the courgette as it grows in our garden to show how well it has grown.

Lloyd our Head chef will be picking it this week to make a nice ratatouille for Sunday lunch this bank holiday weekend!!

Dave and Steve call in on the way to John O’Groats!!

Cycling from Lands End to Jon O’Groats for charity is a tough call but not so tough if you have the Bulls Head on the way!!!

David and Steve called in to top up the protein (two of our famous Burgers) prior to much needed sleep before the next day ahead!!

We wish them well on their journey and there are two burgers with your names on if you complete the journey!!

Good Luck from all at the Bulls Head!!

Pie and Ale Week

Who’ll eat all the Pies….??? As Bulls Head customers will know our homemade handcrafted steak and ‘Mobberley wobbly ale’ pie is fast becoming a legend in it’s own lunchtime!!!

People have travelled from many miles away to enjoy our pie and now we celebrate with our pie and ale week. During the week different pies will be on offer from the 12 listed and we will be matching Ales and wines to sample with the pies.

So come in to the Bulls Head and enjoy your favourite!!

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Food Menu gets a tweak

Yes for those looking for a change of dishes on our menu then from Wednesday 18th August we present our latest menu and new dishes include……

Our ‘alternative Seafood Plate of King Prawns Marie Rose, smoked Mackerel Pate, White crab with lemon mayo, dill infused poached Salmon, smoked Trout and granary bread ( Ideal for sharing or as a main course for one) £11.00

“Rarebit Smokey” with naturally smoked Haddock topped with Lancashire cheese and ‘blonde’ ale rarebit finished with warmed cherry Tomates and fresh basil £5.00

Homemade Smoked Mackerel Pate with toasted bread and horseradish £4.75

‘Pint or half Pint of ‘shell on’ prawns served with our unique spicy cocktail sauce and granary bread £5.00 a half £9.50 a pint

The Bulls Head classic burger made with Phil Davies’ award winning beef burger with back bacon and melted cheddar served in our special recipe bun with chips and salad. £10.95

Our unique Fillet steak sandwich served in a toasted bap with caramelised onions, chips and salad with our homemade ‘bloody Mary ketchup’ £10.95

Roast Duck leg with spring onion mash, red cabbage and finished with a rich port wine gravy £11.50

To Name but a few……………….

There is also a retro classic made warm….Peach Melba……….and it is truly yummy.

So even more reasons to visit the Bulls Head…………..thanks to our customers for the feedback that has enhanced the changes. We look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Tim drops the Price of the “El Bulli” Rioja!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes it is true…all too often wine prices rise and rise and the customer is left feeling somewhat ‘ripped off’, well here at the Bulls Head we have just introduced our updated wine list and have taken £3.00 off our wonderful Valenciso Rioja to make it an astonishing £29.00 a bottle!! The makers of this fine wine produce only one wine per harvest, always Reserva, 100% Tempranillo, aged in new French oak with the great name of Valenciso.

We invite you all….our ‘local and proud’ customers to enjoy the Vintage of 2002!!! Bear in mind that this is the only Red served by the Glass in ‘El BULLI’ which many describe as the best Restaurant in the world!!!!

Valenciso 2002 has aged 12 months in French oak barriques. The nose has wonderfully perfumed notes of wood smoke, blackberry, cedar and pencil lead ( Yep pencil lead!!!) Complex and tasty, very well balanced, the wine finishes long with an enveloping sensation of aromatic volume!!! Perfect with our ‘now legendary’ Steak and Ale Pie or our forthcoming Duck Leg dish.

A wine that has also come down in price is the Sancerre now at £27.00.

The Barolo has now disappeared and is replaced by a great Valpolicella Classico ‘Ripasso’ at £4.00 less expensive!!

Our customers have also demanded a Gavi Di Gavi!!! This now hits our list and we are delighted to have found a Gavi Di Gavi La Battistina Nuovo Quadro at only £20.00 for you all to enjoy with either of our wonderful Seafood food Plates.

The Bulls Head is a place to enjoy wine….be puzzled by choice!!

3p Club Update

Shane is taking his club the ‘Goodfellas’ seriously and has already (for the time been at least gone into an early lead with his alternative car club!!!

Tim is pushing for Porsches everywhere to show their metal outside the Bulls Head and join the 3p club!!!

Shane at first thought it was all about ‘bums on seats’ as they say, so a Double Decker bus became his first member!!!

Shane looks a natural ‘conductor’ to me!!”