Written by the AA Gill of Cheshire……on the Bulls Head!!

We had an excellent time at the Bull’s Head the other week. Here’s a little review of everything as we experienced it. ‘A’ hadn’t been to Mobberley before (whereas I have) so everything I write is a rambling mixture of two brains output.

Exterior – first impression
A fantastic little spot with a healthy sense of ‘getting away’. Happy almost theme-park like atmosphere: two pukka-looking pubs sitting next to each other down an idyllic little lane.

Interior – first impression
Very welcoming although perhaps a little dark by contrast with daylight but far from detrimental. Modern yet rustic-feeling, fresh yet warm.  Lots of points of interest. Bar was bustling  and friendly. Plenty of character to the presentation of all the bottles and wares behind it. Hordes of customers. Makes you feel like you’ve picked a good place to eat and drink.

Staff – first impression
Well-presented. Was there a loose uniform going on? If there was, it was perfectly pitched. ‘A’ says the lads were attractive. Well, so were the waitresses, awwwww yeeaaahh!!

As with all menus, we think there has probably been a lot of mental effort involved in choosing what to offer. The Bulls Head does it better than most by providing contrasting dishes as part of a smaller number of offerings. I imagine it makes it easier for the Bulls Head to manage stock/processes, but I think punters are more likely to pick something they’ll consider to be the best choice, so when they’re eating they’re less likely to regret their choice and perhaps more likely to come away with  a sense of wishing to return.

Settling in for food
Very animated, very warm demographic of customers. Our Tables and chairs were comfy. We specifically liked the candle light. Everything reinforces the sense one has picked a good spot for ‘din dins.’

The food itself
I had the lamb. I have to say it was as good as, if not better than any lamb I’ve had before, including the excellent dish at the Hanging Gate near Macclesfield  that up to now I’d cite as the best. The meat was superbly cooked, and not over-seasoned like it often is, with a very pleasant jus (not sure how that’s spelled – this is probably the first time I’ve ever had cause to write it). Being of an appetite one would typically expect from  – if you’ll pardon the term – a rampaging fat *******, I would have enjoyed a bit more veg, especially the mash, but I expect that for a normal person it’s actually very well pitched in terms of quantity. The chips were MEGA. ‘A’ had to stop me ordering a second portion.
Her main was the ‘warm’ version of the fish platter for two. She was very satisfied with its quality. I can’t resist crunchy deep-fried things, so I sampled it quite thoroughly in the end and thought it was great.
Dessert-wise we thoroughly enjoyed the brownies but we didn’t think they were the best. We like a chewy aspect to them, preferably with a crispy edge or some nuts. The ones we had were a little too smooth for our tastes. The ice cream, however, was heavenly. The strawberries were very good, too. I’d guess 19/20 of the strawberries I find on chocolate desserts are tasteless and not really much more than an afterthought. Yours were crisp and flavoursome. These little things shout “we care about every little aspect” louder than getting just the main details correct. Bravo.

The service
We go out a lot. Well, perhaps less so of late (thanks to the ineptitude of the oligarchy) but we consistently write places off as venues we’ll never revisit because of shitty service. So often we are faced with oblivious, uncaring teenagers or overly-tired, stressed-out landlords and even with the best intentions and understanding, it does put one off.
I am happy to report that the service at the Bull’s Head is MILES ahead of the rest. A very well done!!! I have not seen teenagers as motivated or sincere as your staff in an eatery/pub for a very, very, long time. This is by far the biggest factor for people like us, and you’ve nailed it.

The price
Considering the quality of everything we think it is fairly priced.

Final impressions
Thorough enjoyment, genuine satisfaction, we shall return.

Easily competes with all my favourite venues, including the more special places in the Lake District.

Open a venue in the Lake District!

Regrettably I could not hoover the bar for beer on this occasion (driving) but I have recently discovered a fondness for port and was very excited to find you focusing on it. Dog’s teeth that 1968 is good (though it seemed a little more like a sherry than a port even though I have no doubt it’s actually a port if you say it is). I had it after the brownie/toffee ice cream combo, and cannot wait to repeat the decadence.

Apologies for the stream of consciousness but I wanted to make sure I completed the review before its context died completely.
Excellent pub, well done =)


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