Victoria gets silver!!!

Big congratulations to Victoria Pendleton for winning silver on Tuesday. The Bulls Head cheered her on via our iPad from the office of the Bulls Head. We think Vicky was robbed but there you go!! A superb effort and what a way to retire!!! Well done you have set the bar (forgive the pun) for so many people!!!!

Now then, last week we got a call from Sky News wondering if we had a telly in the pub!!! As any visitor to the Bulls Head would know we don’t have a telly. Apparently Sky news wanted to film us cheering on another visitor to the Bulls Head, the one and only Sir Chris Hoy!!! I guess now we wish we had bought a telly!!!

Anyway well done Chris…………. 6 gold medals…!! There are few words that can sum up that achievement. A true hero!!

Thank goodness we have built our Bike Park in honour of the Olympic Cycling Team. Thanks to Rick and Paul our superb locals and log suppliers…they came up with the most superb bespoke bike park after an idea from Tim and it is a privilege to dedicate it to the efforts of Britain’s excellent cyclists. It is for all cyclist to enjoy and there is more to come as we build the second at our other pub the Cholmondley Arms near Malpas.

We are very proud to be British right now, the country needed this lift and with the sailing in Weymouth near our other pub the Red Lion we have truly felt the spirit of the games. Here’s to the final days hoping for a few more golds!!!

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