Tim spots a rare White Merlot

‘Well as promised Tim is back with a merlot!! Having driven around Tim came across the ‘Petit Cellar’ of Son Prim close to the town of Sencelles in Mallorca. Tim having found Prim knew the ‘proper’ thing to do was venture in and taste the merlot for which they are famous.

Not only did he find a typically full bodied robust merlot he also discovered a rare wine indeed…. A ‘Blanc de Merlot’….. yes a WHITE merlot where the grape is pressed quickly and smoothly in order to avoid contact with the skin/peels of the grapes in turn to avoid redness. One has to say there is a tiny pinkness to this wine but at 14.5% ABV it is ‘full on’ in its fruit aromas of melon and apricots. The label as you can see has the symbol of a ‘white’ blackbird to signify the rarity of a ‘white’ merlot. This was a great find and again really underlines the forward thinking and the quality of these Mallorcan vineyards.

So we look forward to Tims return with a bottle or two of the white merlot and of course the red version too!!!

Talking of reds The Bulls Head has a wonderful Valenciso Rioja Reserva by the bottle which is, at £32.00 for the bottle, a special occasion red….bear in mind however this is the wine that ‘El Bulli’ (the best restaurant in the world) serve by the glass as their house red!! So as summer turns to autumn and a special occasion comes along remember the Bulls Head!!!

Tim when are you back with the wine!!

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