The 95th Rose Queen is the Hottest yet!

Unbelievably this is our 8th Rose Queen and this was certainly the hottest one we have enjoyed. Talk about perfect timing! Hottest day of 2017 lands on Rose Queen day! The children (and adults) managed to stay cool on the floats and the efforts made were tremendous. So much work and endeavour goes in to the floats and they were truly appreciated by all the people who turned up early to see them in the lane before they set off on their procession round Mobberley.

At about 1.45pm they paraded back down Mill Lane to big crowds of well-wishers and proud mums and dads! We had many interesting vehicles rock up in the sunshine…only at the Bully can you get a vintage tractor parked next to a classic Porsche and then an American WW2 jeep too!

The day was thoroughly enjoyed by all at the Bulls Head (and the Roebuck Inn too) even though a few did say those words….”it’s a bit too hot today!”

Thank you to all the wonderful floats and the all our customers that supported the day.

Here’s to next year!

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