Ten pence pieces galore after three months terrific sales of Mobberley Wobbly bitter!!!!!

Yes Reverend Ian Blay our ‘man of the froth’ was welcomed back to the Bulls Head to accept £210.00 on behalf of Mobberley Church.

This donation came after three months of us collecting 10p for every pint of Mobberley Wobbly Ale sold…..2100 pints have been enjoyed since we opened at the end of May 2010.

Rumour has it that Mobberley Wobbly Ale has aphrodisiac qualities!!!! So the 10p is a form of penance we pay for the possible sins that follow a pint or two. The money raised helps the St Wilfrids church in our village and we are proud to do so.

Even with the success of Mobberley Wobbly Ale, Bulls Head bitter our other house ale brewed for us by Weetwood is our best seller We look forward to serving even more this Autumn as we look to try and donate even more to our village church.



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