Summer drinks to bring out the summer weather!! (Hopefully)

Shane and Luke with new recruit Ed have worked hard over the last few days on Summer drinks training and you can see from the photo of our Summer drinks board all great drinks on offer.

The in vogue ‘Spritz’ drinks such as Aperol Spritz and the Hugo Spritz are huge across Europe at present and gaining in popularity here at the Bulls Head. The Hugo features a shot of St Germaine Elderflower liqueur, a shot of Prosecco and then topped up with soda, garnished with sprigs of mint…very refreshing…

We also feature two English variants firstly the Queens Spritz featuring her favourite aperitif Dubonnet with a shot of Prosecco and top up with lemonade and  garnished with a slice of fresh orange or the Sloe Spritz made with Sloe Gin with Prosecco and soda.

The new Bull Special is a jug of Cheshire farmed Apple juice with Bison Grass Vodka with ice….apple pie flavour comes through and so refreshing!! There are a few more such as our Elderflower lager or indeed the classic Pimms No.1 which we are famous for along with our Elderflower Lager.

So even if there is a little cloud about pop in and cheer yourself up with a special summer drink and test the team!


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