Shane wins it!!! Goodfella’s Car club wins year one!!

After a great first year of the Bulls Head pub Shane, our quirky Landlord, has managed to ‘sign up’ more members for his ‘Goodfellas’ car club than ‘Porsche nut’ Tim with his superb 3p Club!!!

So as you can see from the photos there is a miserable looking Tim with a rather over enthusiastic Shane!!!

Tim, as the loser, is paying, as promised, £100 to Shanes selected Charity………….. C.A.F.T. which is the Children’s Adventure Farm Trust in Cheshire which looks out for children disadvantaged by illness, disability and/or Poverty.

Well done Shane but year two will show Tim coming back to thrash you!! So £100 is on the second year of the Bulls Heads car club memberships!!!

Tim successfully gained 18 Porsches in the 3p club and Shane managed 27 members from the Goodfellas club!! A clear 9 members more!!!


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