Shane goes back to ‘school!!!’

A very special guest visited our newly opened Cholmondeley Arms, ( ) to enjoy the ‘Headmasters’ Steak Sandwich!!!

Shane and a few members of the Bulls Head team arrived to have a good ‘nosey’ at their ‘sister’ pub.

The Cholmondeley Arms opened on Saturday and we are very proud to welcome the pub and the team to our ‘family’. The ‘Chum’ is a unique building having spent most of its life as the village school!!

But like the Bulls Head is a favourite location for walkers, cyclists and car club enthusiasts as well as people simply out for a drive in the beautiful Cheshire countryside.

We have six guest bedrooms situated in the Headmasters house for those on a longer journey or those who simply want to make more of their visit to the ‘Chum’.

Shane has already booked his room!!

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