We have been working within the Pub business at all levels for the last 28 years and have been supporting the Great British Pub tirelessly throughout our careers. We are therefore acutely aware of the difficulties village pubs (all pubs) face today and feel that by reducing VAT to 5% for the whole of the hospitality industry the Government has a great opportunity to create jobs, improve its VAT revenue in the long term and “kick-start” the economy.

An extensive study by French Lobbyist and entrepreneur Jacques Borel, strongly suggests that 5% VAT could generate up to 320,000 new jobs in the Hospitality sector and additional revenues from higher sector turnover, income tax, national insurance payments, higher corporation tax receipts, less avoidance of VAT and savings in unemployment benefits. It would also have the added benefit of dealing with the gap between alcohol prices in pubs and supermarkets and encourage responsible drinking in a supervised environment as opposed to elsewhere.

It’s clear the Treasury must listen to reason. After all they are dependent on our taxes for revenue – taxes that are continuing to decline as more and more pubs and bars fail and contribute to the steady rise in unemployment.

The campaign for 5% VAT for our industry is a long term goal which we can and must win.

In support of this campaign an inspiring video by singer songwriter Will Francis has been put together by Venners our national stocktaking firm and we would encourage you to watch it and share it with fellow pub lovers via your own social media in support of your local village pub.

The further we spread the word the more support we can rally for the cause. After all we need our village pubs to survive, they are part of our heritage and a great place to meet friends as well as eat and drink.

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