Lloyds Italian week goes down well!!

The smell of spring was in the air as Lloyd and the kitchen team delivered the goods once more with over 150 Italian dishes served through the week with wonderful Italian wines ‘shipped in ‘  by our award winning wine supplier Boutinot!!

The ‘winning’ dishes during the week were the fillet of beef Carpaccio and Franko’s (Smokehouse Franks) cured Proscuitto with mozzarella and honeyed figs and the Lamb Rump with Rosemary and the Veal Cutlets were the top main courses as the tiramisu and the Italian Cheeseboard were the favourite ‘afters’.

Customers did comment that they felt strange eating Italian food in the Bulls Head as we are now famous for our flavoursome, home cooked English favourites but like our ‘Robbie Burns night’ we like to branch out occasionally and celebrate food from further afield. So look out for our ‘Celebrate the bloody French week’ later in the year!!

A big thank you to Lloyd and the rest of the kitchen team for all their hard work during the week.

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