Lloyd delivers a piece of Cheshire to the Cheshire show!!!

Ever since Lloyd roasted the wild Boar for the Bulls Heads first birthday he has had a passion for the flavour and tenderness of this great meat.

So it was a ‘no brainer’ for Lloyd, when asked to cook at the Cheshire Show, he would theme it ‘Local from Cheshire BOARn and bred’.

Lloyd cooked pan roasted wild boar fillet on a bed of salad leaves with cherries soused in Cheshire cider as a robust starter. His main course was a wild boar loin chop pan fried then finished with a Bulls Head ale gravy, Cheshire asparagus and creamy ‘smoked’ mash. Both dishes were so delicious the audience ate the lot!!! James who works in Lloyds team back at the pub, acted as his commis chef on the day and both Lloyd and James did the Bulls Head proud!!! Frankly it was a privilege to be there supporting them.

Lloyds dessert was a Baked Alaska flan using Cheshire farm raspberry ripple ice cream!!!

Despite the indifferent weather the Cheshire show was brilliant and we even had chance to see some real Bulls along the way.

Lloyds recipes from the day will be on the web within the next week  so keep an eye out for them.


Cheshire Show wouldnt be the same without a Bulls Head

or two!!!

'Corries' Jim Macdonald warms up the audience prior to Lloyds cook off

Lloyd looks a little stressed before the big event!!!


Is the stove on Lloyd!!

James worked well as Lloyds commis

James gives the camera a smile!!!

You can smell the wild boar sizzling in the pan!!

Lloyd puts the finishing touches to his wild boar salad

Well done Lloyd you and James did us proud!!!

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