Hendricks Gin is waiting!!!!

Now you aren’t going to believe this story!!!

One of our favourite regulars here at the Bulls Head has sent this picture to the website.

Yes I know….it’s a cucumber!!! Well about three months ago we ran an excellent Hendricks Gin promotion whereby if you purchased the said Gin with tonic you had the choice of taking away a tiny plant pot with a cucumber seed or two or a tiny book on Victorian etiquette!! Well this visionary regular and Hendricks fan chose to go away with the miniature plant pot with the intention of growing her own cucumber!!! Naturally we all smiled and thought there’s no chance!!

Well we have all been proved wrong!! Not only has this prize cucumber been grown but there was one before it (already used in a gin or two and a salad!!!) and there are now at least three plants on the go. Apparently when this fine specimen is completely ready it will be presented back to the Bulls Head to use in the making of a Hendricks Gin and Tonic.

So we can now boast ‘home grown’ cucumber (as well as our mint, sage, coriander and rosemary that currently grow in pots around our ‘al fresco’ tables) thanks to our determined regular!!

We are sending this story to Hendricks themselves as I am sure they too will be very pleased with the determination shown to nuture a cucumber to be proud of!!!

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