Halloween at the Bulls Head!!

What a great night! Lucy, James and Ed did a fantastic job getting the pub set up for Halloween….there were ghosts, skeletons and lots of treats as well as a large amount of pumpkins and ghoul like creatures! It was a funny old day and we thought the village had forgotten what was happening.. but no….by 8pm we were full…a couple of Draculas chatted at the bar…a mummy ordered a pint of Cheshire Cat, witches were everywhere and there were a number of customers that looked like fatal accidents!! But this is by far the best response to a Halloween Party we have ever had and well done to everyone who took part there were certainly 30 guests who dressed to kill…literally!!

In the end Greg and his posse won the £50 of Bully vouchers…sorry he was simply to frightening to photograph!!

The Bully team got face painted except for owner Tim who simply went with white eyes and Ed who was a proud Ghost buster!

Thank you to all our loyal locals for rocking up and giving it a go and to Dave and Howard our House band duo who entertained everyone wonderfully….look forward to seeing you all next year….


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