Goodfellas Car Club Treasure hunt in July!!!

Yes!!! At last!! I hear you say………….an event for the Goodfellas car club!!! Lord Ted (the master of quiz and trickery)and Shane (Bulls Head Landlord and Rod Stewart…oops sorry Jag nut) are arranging a local Goodfellas car club treasure hunt in July 2011. We need to gauge your interest in such an event. If you and your car and team are up for it then please simply email Shane at and confirm your interest. The plan is to hold this event in late July. We are holding an equivalent Porsche (3p Club) event in June.

Then the best four cars and their owners and crews from each treasure hunt will then go ‘head to head’ in the ‘Car Club Treasure Hunt Cup’ Goodfellas vs 3p!!! This, then, will become an annual event called The Bulls Head Car Club Challenge.
Goodfellas Car Club Members Wine tasting

When we end the summer and look to change the wine list we would like to share the experience with you………..interested? If you feel you would like to taste wine and influence our winter wine list then email Tim and simply say you would like to take part.

Please check our ‘What’s on’ link on the website for future events and check out the Goodfellas cars by clicking on Car Clubs.
Look forward to seeing you at the Birthday party and ………

please send in your name for the treasure hunt in June it will be fun!!!

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