Birds and the Bees at the Bulls Head!!!

Here’s a picture of Rick our log man who is fortunately a beekeeper too!!! We asked Rick to pop down and help move a nest of Bumble bees that had set up home in one of our bird houses. The queen bee had settled in nicely and her clan were beginning to grow. So it was time to call on Rick and brother Paul to help us re-locate the bees around three miles away with the bird house having to move with them!!! Amazing what people will do for two pints of Mobberley Wobbly!!!

Rick and Paul supply all our logs and our log container as well as kindling and salt in the winter and can be found at .

In terms of the birds…in our other bird box four baby blue tits were born and have now flown the nest safely just before the bird box fell from the fence in adverse weather and broke!!

So our big investment will be two new bird houses for the Bulls Head this summer!!!

Well we know we are the ‘home from home’ for many

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