To all our customers, the Bulls Head, Mobberley re-opened at the end of May 2010 following a change of ownership and significant restoration and refurbishment works.

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Online Review


The Bulls Head started its life in the 18th century as three cottages for the village’s workers. Today it stands a popular hostelry, owned by Tim Bird and Mary McLaughlin and managed by Shane and Jenny Bushell who took over in May 2010. The team took on an impressive refurbishment job which is now complete, encompassing elements of the buildings original charm, modern facilities and contemporary styling.

Open all day every day, five real ales are on offer at any time with Mobberley Wobbly Ale and the Bull’s Head Bitter being the regular brews. An excellent range of guest ales are on rotation throughout the week, selected from local breweries within a thirty mile radius for that local taste. The Inn also stocks a handsome array of ‘posh’ ports, over fifty whiskies and wines to suit any occasion. Food is available all day, every day and includes a delicious selection of freshly prepared ‘Traditional sharing pub plates’, 28 day aged steaks and ‘Bulls Head favourites’ such as their legendary Steak and Wobbly Ale Pie, Cheshire Smokehouse Grandad Sausages with Mash or Local Ale Battered Haddock.

Every other Sunday afternoon you can enjoy ‘laid back’ jazz from their resident local musicians while on alternate Thursday evenings the ‘Lord Ted’ quiz allows guests to exercise their general knowledge skills. In the summer months the inn’s garden and terrace can be taken full advantage of for ‘al fresco’ dining and a game of boules perhaps!

By email

Subject: Superb luncheon


Six friends and I lunched at your pub today, a regular monthly event and eating in your pub is certain to be a returning pleasure. The ambiance, service, the excellent selection of real ales and the delicious food, especially the beef pie, ensures a return.

Thank you

Good morning

We had the pleasure of being entertained by a friend at The Bull’s Head on Monday evening (we suggested the venue).

Our choice of venue lived up to our expectations! ( we had popped in for coffee a few weeks ago and were very impressed with warm welcome, service and quality of coffee served).

So, just thought that, following the Monday night visit, we should just compliment you on such a super operation, making The Bull’s Head, in our opinion, the best of its kind in the area.  The team in the kitchen deserve huge recognition for the attention to detail.  The chips were as good as they ever can be  (so often a disappointment in many places!).  We thoroughly enjoyed the two ‘sharing plates’ we ordered.  We also enjoyed the very friendly and caring service.  In fact, it is so important to emphasise this point this as it so often lacking in many places;  the courtesy and genuine feeling of being properly taken care of as opposed to just being served.  So, slap on the back for the front of house team as well!  Of course, I recognise that all this does not happen by accident, but by commitment, hard work and direction from the top!

Just in case you want to know who we were, we had a chat to the extremely pleasant lady (manager/owner?) about the Johnson Indies crockery which she had purchased for the business and we were on Table 7.

Lastly, though this was not the reason for writing, would appreciate you letting me know from where you obtained the log store near the entrance, as we could use one of those!

Congratulations once again, for achieving such very high standards at The Bull’s Head (I like to think I know what I’m talking about as someone now retired from 30 years in the hospitality industry!).  It will come as no surprise to you that we miss no opportunity to ‘spread the word; the best free advertising in the world!



Written by the AA Gill of Cheshire……on the Bulls Head!!

We had an excellent time at the Bull’s Head the other week. Here’s a little review of everything as we experienced it. ‘A’ hadn’t been to Mobberley before (whereas I have) so everything I write is a rambling mixture of two brains output.

Exterior – first impression
A fantastic little spot with a healthy sense of ‘getting away’. Happy almost theme-park like atmosphere: two pukka-looking pubs sitting next to each other down an idyllic little lane.

Interior – first impression
Very welcoming although perhaps a little dark by contrast with daylight but far from detrimental. Modern yet rustic-feeling, fresh yet warm.  Lots of points of interest. Bar was bustling  and friendly. Plenty of character to the presentation of all the bottles and wares behind it. Hordes of customers. Makes you feel like you’ve picked a good place to eat and drink.

Staff – first impression
Well-presented. Was there a loose uniform going on? If there was, it was perfectly pitched. ‘A’ says the lads were attractive. Well, so were the waitresses, awwwww yeeaaahh!!

As with all menus, we think there has probably been a lot of mental effort involved in choosing what to offer. The Bulls Head does it better than most by providing contrasting dishes as part of a smaller number of offerings. I imagine it makes it easier for the Bulls Head to manage stock/processes, but I think punters are more likely to pick something they’ll consider to be the best choice, so when they’re eating they’re less likely to regret their choice and perhaps more likely to come away with  a sense of wishing to return.

Settling in for food
Very animated, very warm demographic of customers. Our Tables and chairs were comfy. We specifically liked the candle light. Everything reinforces the sense one has picked a good spot for ‘din dins.’

The food itself
I had the lamb. I have to say it was as good as, if not better than any lamb I’ve had before, including the excellent dish at the Hanging Gate near Macclesfield  that up to now I’d cite as the best. The meat was superbly cooked, and not over-seasoned like it often is, with a very pleasant jus (not sure how that’s spelled – this is probably the first time I’ve ever had cause to write it). Being of an appetite one would typically expect from  – if you’ll pardon the term – a rampaging fat *******, I would have enjoyed a bit more veg, especially the mash, but I expect that for a normal person it’s actually very well pitched in terms of quantity. The chips were MEGA. ‘A’ had to stop me ordering a second portion.
Her main was the ‘warm’ version of the fish platter for two. She was very satisfied with its quality. I can’t resist crunchy deep-fried things, so I sampled it quite thoroughly in the end and thought it was great.
Dessert-wise we thoroughly enjoyed the brownies but we didn’t think they were the best. We like a chewy aspect to them, preferably with a crispy edge or some nuts. The ones we had were a little too smooth for our tastes. The ice cream, however, was heavenly. The strawberries were very good, too. I’d guess 19/20 of the strawberries I find on chocolate desserts are tasteless and not really much more than an afterthought. Yours were crisp and flavoursome. These little things shout “we care about every little aspect” louder than getting just the main details correct. Bravo.

The service
We go out a lot. Well, perhaps less so of late (thanks to the ineptitude of the oligarchy) but we consistently write places off as venues we’ll never revisit because of shitty service. So often we are faced with oblivious, uncaring teenagers or overly-tired, stressed-out landlords and even with the best intentions and understanding, it does put one off.
I am happy to report that the service at the Bull’s Head is MILES ahead of the rest. A very well done!!! I have not seen teenagers as motivated or sincere as your staff in an eatery/pub for a very, very, long time. This is by far the biggest factor for people like us, and you’ve nailed it.

The price
Considering the quality of everything we think it is fairly priced.

Final impressions
Thorough enjoyment, genuine satisfaction, we shall return.

Easily competes with all my favourite venues, including the more special places in the Lake District.

Open a venue in the Lake District!

Regrettably I could not hoover the bar for beer on this occasion (driving) but I have recently discovered a fondness for port and was very excited to find you focusing on it. Dog’s teeth that 1968 is good (though it seemed a little more like a sherry than a port even though I have no doubt it’s actually a port if you say it is). I had it after the brownie/toffee ice cream combo, and cannot wait to repeat the decadence.

Apologies for the stream of consciousness but I wanted to make sure I completed the review before its context died completely.
Excellent pub, well done =)


More online reviews

“The Bulls Head in Mobberley has to be one the best pubs I have been to in over twenty years of visiting pubs. The real Ale is all from within a 30 mile radius within Cheshire and if that isn’t unique then the Steak and Ale pie has to be….it is so good as is the fish and chips too. I have to say the website is really good also. It is informative and is actually kept up to date!! Well worth a visit but remember they do not take bookings as it operates as a proper village pub so you need to get there early!!”

“My wife and I happened upon the Bulls Head near Knutsford (Mobberley) whilst out driving last Sunday and we absolutely loved it!!! The ambience is perfect and the roast beef and Yorkshire pudding was delicious!! We didn’t want to leave!!! ”

“A place to be very proud of! We stumbled across The Bull’s Head on a drive out and are very glad we did! It seems to be a fantastic set up with a great menu and a very relaxed but efficient service. It’s clear lots of thought has been put in to the refurbishment – decor is stylish and enticing. We haven’t visited Mobberley before but will definitely be going back to work our way through the menu – there were so many tempting dishes! A place to be very proud of.”

“The Bulls Head, Mobberley is the perfect local village pub, it has roaring fires, home cooked food that is full of flavour, local Cheshire Ales on tap and is a really friendly place too. I travel 23 miles to visit the Bulls Head because there is nothing as good nearer to me….says everything about the Bulls Head really.”

“I went to the Bulls Head in Mobberley and could not believe the transformation from being a tired, boring, badly run pub to a true ‘little gem’ of a pub!! It was heaving with people and must be one of the biggest business turnarounds I have seen!! The atmosphere was wonderful, the food and service great and I could bring my pet dog in to their ‘whisky snug’… I have an excuse to have a pint of local ale!!!”

“Hi Shane B, Jen and the team at The Bull’s Head.

My husband & I are publicans ourselves (in Wokingham, Berkshire) and were visiting my brother who lives in Alderley Edge (I also lived in the area for several years previously). Word had got round about the quality of food at The Bull’s Head, so we thought we’d treat ourselves and what a treat it was!! It has to be the best food any of us have had in months, if not years! The pub itself has been very sympathetically refurbished, maintaining a lovely, olde worlde pub ambience with open fires and tiled floors.

All three starters were perfectly portioned, beautifully presented and absolutely delicious – my brother had the mushrooms in cream & wine with shallots, I had the black pudding & bacon hash and my husband had the rarebit smokey – all fulfilling the promise the description suggested. My brother and I then had the 8oz sirloin, cooked perfectly to our taste and the vine tomatoes were a perfect accompaniment, somehow lightening the ‘heaviness” a steak meal often seems to give. The chips were perfect as well! My husband had the fish pie and, although trying to suggest it was the second best he’d ever eaten (after mine!) I finally got him to admit, after I’d tasted it myself, it was quite simply the best! We had Semi-Fredo for dessert – my husband and I shared one – which was glorious and neither of us is generally a dessert eater! All this and then a glass of port for each of us – he the 1964 white, me the 1978 – perfect finish to a perfect evening. The service was excellent – caring and efficient, without being pushy or irritating – all in all a wonderful eating out experience and we will definitely return on our next trip to Cheshire!”