A true ‘shaggy dog’ story at the Bulls Head

On a sunny day over an exceptionally busy Easter and ‘Wedding’ holiday period a funny thing happened here at the Bulls Head……….Nuala the Irish terrier (pictured) arrived at the door of our pub!!!

She firstly took a drink from our dog bowl at the front door then ventured into our ‘Whisky’ Snug (where dogs are welcome) and gave a soft ‘woof’ to Shane and Nick our bartenders on duty.

Shane offered Nuala a dog biscuit (Bonio no less) from the Jar on the bar!! Noola gladly accepted the biscuit with a grunt and hit the sunshine to enjoy her ‘free’ snack.

She then took another slurp of water and re-entered the pub and woofed again…………a further snack was dispensed by our generous team!!

Nuala was ‘away from home alone’ having ‘escaped’ from her nearby residence. Jenny our landlady decided to phone the number on the collar and Nuala was re-united with her owner.

It would appear to me that Nuala and many dogs locally know a good pub when they see one!!!  The only free meals here are in the shape of a bonio!!

Cheers Tim

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